The Real Problem With Religion

The problem with religion is not religion itself. I have seen several posts of late decrying religion as if it was bad in and of itself and suggesting that all would be a bed of roses if religion were eliminated. That is poppycock! The problem with religion is the scenario which allows monotheism to take root and develop. It goes basically like this: You are a polytheist, but you feel drawn strongly to only one particular god. Eventually you begin to feel special and think you are special to that god. Then you come to believe that your god has called you out to be separate from everyone else as his special prophet and you start developing legalisms that go along with what you think your god has allowed only you to understand. Since you are a prophet, your word is final and any deviation from it will result in punishment from your one true god, who suddenly is master of the universe as its creator. Since you are the prophet of the one true creator god, you are essentially worshipped, once you are able to establish a following (which is often difficult until you find a benefactor – a king or some other ruler). Because your benefactor helps you and tells everyone that they must adhere to your belief system, your religion spreads. all who are opposed are systematically persecuted, murdered, etc. It’s really that simple (or complicated, as it may be).

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