The End Times

The  end times scenario is amazingly simple for the fundamentalist Christian fanatic. The end, along with the return of Christ, WAS supposed to take place within the lifetimes of the first Apostles. But the Romans (directed by Satan) screwed that up by destroying Jerusalem and the temple there in 70 CE. Successive attempts to have the temple rebuilt  there went nowhere for over two-thousand years. During that time it was impossible for Christ to return, according to their scenario, because no nation of Israel (or Judea, for that matter) existed and there was no Jewish temple and no Jewish capital for Christ to reign from.

But now comes the modern era. Within our own lifetimes the modern state of Israel has been established and, recently, US President Donald J. Trump has officially moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, thus recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. All that is left is for the new Jewish temple to be built on the temple mount where it used to stand. Then Christ can return in all his glory, fight the Battle of Armageddon, thus vanquishing his enemies, and all believers will live happily ever after worshipping him.

The problem with the fact that the US is nowhere mentioned in biblical prophecy is solved by this scenario in that it took the US President (actually two, since Truman was the first to recognize the new sate of Israel) to set the wheels in motion. So, even though the US is not directly mentioned, it is somehow indirectly alluded to because of this scenario.

Don’t be fooled! These people believe in this exact scenario with all their hearts (not their minds since no one using their intellect could believe such utter nonsense) and will accept anything, including that Donald J. Trump was selected by “God” himself for this very moment in time, in order to be assured that this “prophecy” will be fulfilled and their Lord will return. And if anyone else disbelieves, then they are of the devil!

In the end, as these fanatical types cheer Donald J. Trump and his ilk onward as they openly spout this nonsense, rest assured that they don’t care that such a war as they envision would not only destroy the new state of Israel but would cause the slaughter of untold numbers of Jewish people – all because it is somehow “God’s” will.

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