Shades of Constantine and Constantius

After Constantine I died, Eusebius of Caesarea wrote a history of the Christian Church and then his “Life of Constantine”, which, purported to show how Christianity was meant to be triumphant and which also, naturally, extolled his hero, Constantine. He basically wrote that everything had unfolded according to the will of god and that Constantine had been raised up as emperor by god to allow Christianity to triumph against Paganism. Again, Eusebius wrote several years AFTER the death of Constantine.

Today the Christian fanatics (not all are fanatics, so I make this distinction here) are so very proud of the fact (and, sadly, it is a fact) that evangelicals actually put Donald Trump into office as President of the US. Authors and so-called “prophets” are coming out of the woodwork all over the place and the White House itself is swarming with fundamentalist fanatics attempting to sway policy, ostensibly as prayer for the nation and for the President.

Did I mention authors? Oh, yes. Some have been writing a plethora of books aimed at explaining why Trump MUST be supported by everyone in the nation both because he was, they say, appointed by god and because, otherwise, judgment will come upon this nation. In the mean time, don’t mess with Israel because god will judge us for that too as demonstrated by all these calamities that are taking place, also signifying the end times.

The first book of this genre, I think, was Lance Wallanau’s “God’s Chaos Candidate”, which came out in September of 2016, followed by Mark Taylor’s “The Trump Prophecies” which didn’t come out until several months AFTER trump was elected as President. After these came Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s “The Paradigm”. And now a new book by Stephen E. Strang entitled “God and Donald Trump”. And there are several others that have already been written which are not mentioned here. These books are, at best, one sided, designed to explain why Trump is god’s man of the time and, at worst, sometimes poorly written and edited, according to some of the reviews.

The main point to be taken from the fact that such books are being written is that the authors are determined to write Trump’s “triumphant history” and tie him to the history of the church, just as Eusebius did with Constantine, EVEN BEFORE his time is finished. Well, I suppose some of these want to get in on the gravy train before it dries up, but it is worse than that. They are effectively advocating a theocracy under Trump and his successors, if any, like that under the Byzantine tyrants. A theocracy disguised as a republic, but a theocracy nevertheless because it will be (or even already is) god-ordained.

And Trump has already done SO much for the church, according to these fanatics! He got rid of the Johnson Amendment, they say, and he has appointed one conservative Supreme Court Justice who will help them to accomplish their most cherished goal; the overturning of Roe vs, Wade. Hardly do they recognize the fact that he has really done virtually NOTHING for them at all, so sure that what he has done is only the beginning of what he will do for them. And, sadly, they MAY be right about this. In the mean time they rationalize and distort reality in every way possible in order to cause others to believe, they hope, that they understand god’s plan and that Trump is integral to this plan.

In the mean time they simply cannot grasp the reasons that some former members of the Trump administration are being investigated for unethical ties to Russia as related to Russian meddling in the very election that Trump won. They cannot understand, apparently, that this is treasonous IF (because nothing has been proven as of yet) such connections and communications took place as are alleged. And it simply MUST be investigated.

After Constantine I came his son, Constantius II. He was a vile tyrant with obvious mental illness issues as I clearly showed in my second book “Killing Roma”. At a certain point, with Germanic invasions on the increase in the western part of the empire, Constantius appointed his cousin, Iulianus, to lead Roman forces in that area. Iulianus did such a fantastic job of it that it made Constantius wary that Iulianus might want to usurp him since he was growing very powerful. Constantius resolved to take care of Iulianus in a completely fiendish manner by writing to certain Germanic chieftains, stating that since they had already converted to Christianity the western empire was, by rights, theirs to take and to settle because those who still resided there had been rather slow to convert and, thus, the population there was still mostly Pagan. In this way Constantius hoped that the forces of Iulianus would be overrun by the barbarians and Iulianus killed, thus eliminating that threat to his rule. But that did not happen. Instead Iulianus soundly defeated the invaders and captured a chieftain who still had the letter from Constantius on his person. In this way Iulianus found out about Constantius’ treachery.

Constantius had reached out to Roma’s arch-enemy of the time, offering them the western empire, for all practical purposes, hoping that Iulianus would be killed as things unfolded. This because he, Constantius, really didn’t want to have to face Iulianus on the battlefield himself. But, as history turned out, both prepared to do battle anyway since Iulianus survived and was proclaimed emperor by his forces in the West. As the two armies were on their way to battle Constantius suddenly died of a fever. In his will, Constantius had actually named Iulianus as his successor! He knew, even in his mental state, that the empire simply could not be left to the squabbles that would have ensured if he had not named the most experienced person as his successor, ostensibly at the same time as he was preparing to defeat him on the battlefield. Perhaps he knew that Iulianus would win in any case. Following his ascension Iulianus came out as Pagan. Thus, history has labeled him “Julian the Apostate”. Sadly, his reign lasted only a couple of years and he was replaced by another Christian tyrant.

But, regardless of the method, treason is treason. What some in our modern age today MAY have done with reference to possibly encouraging Russia to meddle in our elections is EXACTLY on the same level as that which Constantius II did with reference to pitting the Germanic chieftains against his cousin Iulianus. History repeats itself, it might seem. But those who write favorably about Trump will certainly never let this dissuade them from still believing that he is god’s appointed man for this hour. Thus we essentially have another Constantine I – the one who will bring the church into prominence once again.

If the reader thinks that I may have overblown things just a bit, consider that today, October 31, 2017, on the Jim Bakker Show, author Stephen E. Strang mentioned that Hillary Clinton has recently written a book entitled “What Happened”. But Strang posed it as if it were a question (which it is not) and stated that he would tell us “what happened” – “God intervened.” Yes, it is really that simple for these people, many of whom could not have even earned an advanced degree of any kind and yet parade themselves around as TV evangelists and “prophets”. If we allow these types to overtake our government and our society, as they are determined to do, then we will of all nations be most miserable. Let’s not repeat history here. Let’s not go any further with this trajectory.

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