The Zeal of the “Right”

Ronald Reagan stated that “[f]reedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. . . .”  He was right.  That is a sad truth of history.

It’s amazingly simple.  They have always sought to take your freedoms and religious liberties away from you in the very name of religious freedom, all the while crying “persecution” and the end of the world as their reasoning for it.  Thus, they will accept with open arms even some of the most vile people as their own as long as these persons accept and promote their conservative, religious, political agenda.  I dare say that they would even accept Pagans if they were in lock-step with this agenda.  And THAT is the actual danger for us who are Pagans.  We must NEVER allow ourselves to get caught up in the political nightmare that these people have created, for if we do, then we have truly lost.

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