Imagine A Nation

Imagine a nation in which war is always the first resort, a nation in which any insult or provocation will result in war between nations, such having dragged this nation and its military into as many as three and four wars at one time. Imagine a nation in which military service is mandatory for both males and females. Imagine a nation so paranoid that its citizens routinely carry assault weapons in public, in their vehicles, into churches and even to concerts in the name of freedom and security. Imagine a nation in which the police are equipped with the latest in military gear and equipment, including assault weapons, because the populace has shown a decided tendency to murder not only their own but also law enforcement. Imagine a nation in which the Christian religion is the de-facto “official” religion and in which Judaism is tolerated but where all other religions are marginalized and watched to see if any sort of sedition might take place among the adherents of said religions. Imagine a nation in which history is never taught in schools because, after all, kids can get their history from TV and the internet, in which school children are forced to pray in the Christian way each school day and in which children are made to take civics classes which espouse the ideals of the Judeo-Christian worldview along with the concept of the complete success of capitalism worldwide as essential goods for the entire world. Imagine a nation in which books have either been banned or they are frowned upon in favor of the internet and in which the only book that is favored is the Bible. Imagine a nation that believes in democracy but which marginalizes some within society based on their religious and political preferences. Imagine a nation in which there are only two news media stations and these stations are totally subservient to the drug industry whose advertisements they show incessantly. Imagine a nation in which the female is made to feel as if she has broken some law if she exercises her right to determine what is good for her own body. Imagine a nation in which every single citizen is tracked by use of GPS and other methods, where their phone calls are all taken and stored for potential future use and where cameras are literally everywhere so that no one can go anywhere without being seen and recorded. Imagine a nation in which every detail of one’s life is known by the government and is recorded and categorized in such a way that one’s only freedom is to choose between options presented to oneself by some government bureaucrat with no real regard to one’s intellect or true abilities. Imagine a nation in which we have finally given up all of our freedoms for the sake of security from a perceived enemy. Some of this has already happened. The rest is not very far away from us today. Take heed.

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